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MidnightPips Indicator: Within the next 24 hours, visit to access the MidnightPips Indicator. You will find this listed under Indicators/Invite-only scripts, provided you submitted your TradingView ID at order confirmation. This powerful tool will assist you in identifying trading opportunities and making informed decisions.

Telegram Chat: Click on the following link to join our exclusive Telegram chat: This is where you will receive access to live Zoom for the MidnightPips MasterClasses each week and receive important updates and messages from the team. Be sure to join the chat to connect with other traders and stay informed about the latest market insights.

Forex Guide and Trading Plans: You will receive an email to the address you provided during the order process within 24 hours. This email will contain access links to download the Forex Guide for beginners and the Trading Plans. These resources will equip you with valuable knowledge and expertly designed strategies to enhance your trading skills.

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